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recovery after tonsillectomy in children |

Tonsillectomy Recovery for Children

There are many clinic and physician websites discussing tonsillectomy recovery for children, but in the days leading up to my son’s surgery, I had a hard time finding advice from a parent’s perspective. Skip to our tonsillectomy recovery tips Do you remember that Brady Bunch episode where Cindy and Mrs. Brady get their tonsils out? […] Read more…

easy homemade meatball subs |

Easy Homemade Meatball Subs

As a busy mom, I really love dinner recipes that can be made quickly or even ahead. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not above frozen pizza or chicken nuggets. In fact, I’ve got them in my freezer right now. But we can’t have those foods every night, right? Sometimes we want something different. Read more…

first aid kit | themommyclause

How To Make A First Aid Kit for Kids On The Go

Showing you how to make a first aid kit for kids on the go because you never know when one of your kids (or one of their friends) will need something to treat a minor injury while you’re away from home – even if it’s less than a mile.  Read more…

Kindergarten Boy |

The Top 10 Homeschool Supplies for Kindergarten

People often wonder what we recommend in the way of homeschool supplies for Kindergarten. There really is no special answer because the supplies you buy for your first year of homeschool will often be the same things you’ll use every year.  Read more…

mancakes |

How to Make Man-sized Pancakes to Fill up Their Tummies

This morning my four-year-old asked me while rubbing his sleepy eyes, “What’s for breakfast, momma?” “Pancakes” I replied. “B o r i n g” was his response. “Not today, buddy!” These pancakes are definitely not boring.  They’re the size of a dinner plate and so, so tasty. These are not even pancakes.  These are Mancakes.  For […] Read more…

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