Christmas Letters |

How to Start a New Family Tradition ~ Christmas Letters

My husband and I both grew up near the top of large families. When we first got married, it was fun to think of gifts for all our siblings still living at home. We quickly realized that this wasn’t possible on a newlywed budget. We decided that a family night all wrapped up (a game or movie and treats) would be our standard Christmas gift to our siblings at home. Read more…

gingerbread house |

How to Make a Gingerbread House With the Family

At my house, it’s nearly impossible to keep the children, and my husband, from eating too much Halloween candy. Especially my husband. So, when my kids were small, I thought of an ingenious plan. We could each pick 10 pieces from our trick-or-treat loot and save the rest for a more worthwhile purpose – gingerbread houses! Read more…

The 10 Best Lego Gift Sets This Christmas |

The Mommy Clause Christmas List: The 10 Best Lego Gift Sets


They’re everywhere.

The floor, the beds, the dryer (thank goodness they don’t melt in there) – I’m constantly finding them around the house. The worst part is stepping on them – ouch!

So why, you ask, am I here today to recommend that you check them out for Christmas this year? Read more…

Pumpkin Bars |

Moist and Marvelous Pumpkin Bars

Guys, you’re going to love today’s recipe. It’s probably one of only three pumpkin recipes that I make on a regular basis this time of year. Pumpkin bars like you wouldn’t believe! They’re moist, covered in homemade cream cheese frosting and just plain lovely Read more…

Gift Guide: Practical Kitchen Items for Moms |

The Mommy Clause Christmas List: Practical Kitchen Items for Moms

Ever since starting this blog I’ve been in the kitchen a lot more than usual – and with kids who like to eat I’m already in the kitchen a lot! Making new recipes and photographing food has been fun for me and a great way to hang out with my daughter who also loves to cook and be creative with food.

There are several things that have helped me be more efficient in the kitchen – and several things that I’m thinking I need to put on my Christmas list this year.

I mean, I’ve been so good this year, surely Daddy Clause has put me on the nice list. Right?!  Read more…

Leftover Turkey Recipes |

14 Leftover Turkey Recipes to the Rescue

It’s almost here, ladies. You know, that day when you’ve spent hours in the kitchen cooking a 16+ pound naked bird. That is, of course, after you’ve stuck your hands in unknown places removing “innards” and other things from various cavities.  Read more…

Family Games |

Give the Gift of Family Games This Christmas

Let’s be real for a minute, shall we? Spending time as a family is tough in this day and age. And, sometimes it’s less than enjoyable – like when the kids can’t get along. But, it’s definitely needed.

In a bad way.

Someone once said to me “Time waits for no one.”

And they were so very right about that.

My oldest son is an adult. Gah! When did that happen?  Read more…

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