DIY Light Box |

DIY Light Box For More Marvelous Photos

One of the best things about blogs - reading and writing them - are the photos that go along with the posts. Amiright? It's no secret that I'm not a skilled photographer. Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures. My husband got me a great DSLR camera a couple of years ago and I've gotten some great shots with it - but I've never really taken the time to study photography to improve my skills.
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Make a Family Cookbook |

How to Make a Personalized Family Cookbook

I’m going to be real for a minute here.  

I’m the worst at organizing.  

There.  I said it.  It actually feels good to admit it.  

Have you ever done that?  Admitted something you’re not proud of?  Try it sometime – it just might liberate you a little – or at least make your husband laugh.…

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Mini Apple Cider Muffins

Mini Apple Cider Muffins


Have you gotten into the swing of things yet with school and sports and other Fall activities?  I’m still trying to adjust to the busyness that comes with a change in the seasons.  One thing I look forward to each year is the reappearing of some great Fall recipes.…

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restaurant-style salsa

How to Make the Best Restaurant-Style Salsa

I don’t enjoy store-bought salsa anymore – and you won’t either after I show you how to make the best restaurant-style salsa right in your own kitchen.  

And it only takes 5 ingredients.  

Yup – 5

This salsa is a hit with all but the littlest kids in our family – they’d just rather eat the chips.…

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My Midwife is Forcing me to Exercise

I’m pregnant with my ninth child.  Yes, ninth.  The one you have after you’ve already had eight.  

I’ll give you a minute . . . 


For all of my other babies I gained 50 pounds and was not even interested in looking at the number on the scale come delivery day.…

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Keeping Your Cool When Your Kids Love Bugs

How to Keep Your Cool When Your Kids Love Bugs

When your kids love bugs and you’re not a bug-person yourself, it’s a little bit difficult to share their excitement and enthusiasm for the many-legged creatures they care for.  I was recently reminded of this when my son came rushing into the office exclaiming: 

“Mom, the roly poly’s had babies!”

I was a bit busy so of course I blurted out, “Yay!” And then a second later, “Wait, what?”

I have five boys.…

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